Your CV may not be unique, but your LifeVitae is.

With LifeVitae, you can share the events in your life, the high or low points. You can also curate and describe moments in life that made who you are today.


Be understood, not quantified.

We are imperfect individuals, with our own set of strengths, weakness and quirks. LifeVitae is all about celebrating this individuality. We want you to be understood as a human being, not just as a resource for an organisation.


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What organisations and recruiters are saying…


Jim Faherty, SP Jain Singapore

LifeVitae is a new concept that redefines the CV, and offers a more holistic view into one’s life experience: this is perfect for students without much core work experience, but plenty of other life-shaping experiences that are worth including, but don’t really fit under the subheadings on a CV. Our students really enjoyed it, found it useful, and discovered a whole new way to view their achievements and successes!

Anne Morgan, Podcaster and Relationship Manager

More and more recruiters are looking for attitude and they will train for skill. That’s what we’re really interested in is how- what is a person like. You know, what motivates them, what’s their personality like, how are they going to fit in with the team. And I think the CV isn’t enough to measure that.

Anthony Bowers, Tallant Asia

Our hiring process time has been reduced by 25% since the implementation of LifeVitae. LifeVitae has dramatically improved the quality of candidates that come through our system and has increased the speed of the hiring process. This has happened because LifeVitae's systems allow us to more accurately match a candidate to our clients’ needs. It does this by helping to identify the soft skills and strengths from a candidates life experiences. LifeVitae was easy to implement and only took a few weeks for my team to become familiar with the system. It has proven to be a very valuable tool for our hiring system.

Desmond Tan, Chief Business Development Officer (Bountie) & Latin Ballroom Dancer

It has soft-skills involved a bit more into the personal life of the candidate or the profile of these people. So, I felt that it was quite good because standing for the perspective of a recruiter I get to see this person than just the education and the hard skills of this person.

Catherine Chia, Senior Vice President - Human Resources (StarHub)

I did not set out to build a perfect resume, but I set out to make the best decisions at different stages of my life.

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