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Steps to take for personal growth in 2022

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The million dollar question in our business is always "how much does a video cost?" – the answer is… “it really depends. Video production can be particularly difficult to price, with quotes often varying wildly; "Why?!" we hear you cry… Here's a helpful overview with some practical tips to help you better understand what drives production costs, how to select the right investment for your content, and how to get the most out of the budget. Aspect-office-etihad-shoot What drives video production costs? There are many things that determine the costs of a production. You can probably guess some of the most obvious:time . The more time spent on pre-production preparations, scripting, storyboarding, location scouting, filming and editing, the better the quality of the final production; but in the end: more time and or more people, equals more money. Talent .


Will your content feature people? If so, do you have contributors who will participate or do you need a cast? A recognizable voice, a big-name actor, or just a room full of extras can all add tremendous value to a piece of content. As with any other business: talented and experienced people tend to cost more. Travel . How many locations will be featured? Do you own them or will permissions be required? Using multiple locations can help you tell a richer story, and moreover, controllable environments can ensure you hit the set framing, lighting, and creative approach. Location requirements not only impact the preparation time needed in terms of research and negotiations, but also the time it takes to hire crew - which, as noted above (and as the Buy Email List says the old phrase…), time is money. But less often considered because it is less tangible, but no less important, is production value. We've all watched this movie which looks amazing compared to a bland alternative.


As camera technology becomes more democratized and the entry-level cost to make a film has come down, it's invariably other factors that make the difference - the right creative ideas based on branding, storyboarding to ensure that a good idea actually works in film, innovative camera techniques, lighting and specialist DP/gaffer expertise, dynamic and well-thought-out editing, sound mixing and sound design, the rating - these elements contribute all in the final release and while individually may not seem so important, collectively can be the difference between lackluster and standing out. Aspect-desktop-shoot What are the different levels of investment when producing content? So, taking into account the cost factors; what constitutes a 'low cost' approach, and which approach means a 'bigger investment',


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