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You can share few healthy habits here

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Small India Phone Number List and the web: everything remains to be done ...

or almost! The figures currently available on the digital practices of French SMEs and VSEs show it: very many SMEs, and especially very small India Phone Number List, do not yet have a website. French SMEs and very small businesses are far from having their own website. They are even still quite cautious not to consider the creation of their site. It often seems too complicated, too expensive, and… unnecessary! In 2011, 54% of VSEs / SMEs had made their company visible on the web: they were, therefore "only" 600,000 to be present, and variously according to their size. In fact, a little more than one in two very small India Phone Number List(52%) and around four in five SMEs (79%) declared having their own website (Source: Kelkoo / LH2).

54% of the companies that were not present were 54% in fact that their activity did not justify investing in a website, while 25% of them considered that they did not have the time to get started. They were 10% to find it too expensive and almost as many, 9%, to lack the technical skills to follow such a file. Other figures, published in early 2012 by the India Phone Number List association for the development of the digital economy in France (Aden) also showed that a third of VSEs that did not have a site did not have a project to do so either. have one in the short or medium term, despite the dynamism and good health of French e-commerce!

However, the stakes are high for SMEs and VSEs: if many of them only have a "showcase" site allowing them to publicize their brand and/or their India Phone Number List products and services, those who have created a merchant site generally record significant increases in their turnover. VSEs seem to have every interest in being present on the web, via their own site, and, if they wish to develop, to ensure that this site is more than a showcase site, for a substantial contribution of growth. The most difficult thing for TPE managers is to find good web service providers with whom to build a long-term relationship of trust. And you, TPE managers, do you have a website for your activity/company? Is it a showcase site or a commercial site? For you, what are the main obstacles to the creation of this site if you have not yet had it created? These subjects will be discussed at the next SME Fair (formerly Micro-Business Fair), in particular during the series of conferences devoted to the digital entrepreneur. Our experts will also be at your disposal to answer all your questions. To access the Show, remember to book your free pass today!

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This is the kind  of information I have been trying to find. Thank you for sharing this information.


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useful info, thanks!

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so cool info

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