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Loan management software

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Loan Management System: The system may enrol customers in both secured and unsecured products. There are numerous sorts of parameters that the admin may use to configure the items in the system, and then the loans are assigned to clients depending on that.
• Methodologies for Calculating Interest Rates
• Loan Application, Vetting, and Disbursement • Loan Rescheduling • Auto Generated Loan Documents

A customized web-based NBFC Loan Management Solution for a Loan Company that automates the whole Loan Management Process.
Loan Origination System: The system allows administrators to set up the institution and its branches. The system receives all data from each institution.
• Configurations
• Individual and corporate clients
• Individual and Business Loan Applications • Quick Loan Calculator and Income & Expense Loan Calculator

Reports, Calendars, and Dashboards: Custom preconfigured reports and dashboard sections are available, allowing users to visualise data and information using various filters. Calendar features allow individuals to remain up to date on events and create events as needed.
• Reports • Dashboards • Calendars • Email and SMS notifications on timen.

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As for the “Buy Now, Pay Later” software, I advise you to contact Neofin, here is their website, then their modular system is just perfect for such solutions. With them, we created a revolutionary product for my business, which has already begun to bring me income.


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