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Preserving health

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The best way to maintain health is to preserve it through a healthful lifestyle rather than waiting until sickness or infirmity to address health problems

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Entrepreneurs, selling well in times of crisis thanks to the advice of India Phone Number List Vendeuvre

In a fragile economic context, your customers are more cautious and more difficult to convince?
Are you India Phone Number List wondering what are the qualities and levers to implement to preserve the effectiveness of your commercial approach in this unfavorable environment? In short, how do you remain a good salesperson in times of crisis? India Phone Number List Vendeuvre , Associate Director at Halifax and consultant in commercial performance, gives us some answers through a series of tips and best practices, directly applicable for entrepreneurs .

On the occasion of an interview given at the Salon SME (ex Salon des micro-entreprises) 2012 , he first of all presented two essential attitudes to adopt. The first is to maintain your resistance to failure and rejection. It is necessary to acquire this capacity to go “beyond no” and to know how to sell, even after a first refusal. The second attitude is to be effective in targeting and approaching. Indeed, your customers are more and more in a hurry and have less time to devote to their current suppliers and even more so to new suppliers.
It is therefore imperative to target the right people in order to present a coherent proposal and to speak effectively. India Phone Number List Vendeuvre explains to us that it is important to avoid wasting your client's time as a priority.

According to him, it is therefore a question of going to the essentials, in particular on your offers, on your added value and with supporting figures. It also recalls a point that seems obvious, but which nevertheless remains decisive: to listen to the customer. The objective is therefore to find the right balance between a solidly argued proposition and a discovery of needs through listening.

India Phone Number List Vendeuvre then addresses the question of the complementarity between methodology and human qualities, in the success of a commercial activity. He explains to us that the conception of this duality has evolved over time.Initially, we consider that the talent of a good salesperson lies in his human qualities and his ability to mobilize a relational network. But faced with this idealistic vision, many recall the essential nature of the method: the India Phone Number List right tools, the right questions ...Today, in the context of the crisis we are experiencing, we are witnessing a return to the initial design, which replaces the human and relational qualities at the heart of the commercial approach. Being a good salesperson in 2013 is therefore as much a matter of the heart as it is of reason!


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Therefore, he says, it's important to go down to basics, focusing on the fundamentals like your offerings, your additional value, and data to back them up. Additionally, it brings to mind something that may seem apparent, but is crucial nonetheless: paying attention to the consumer. To achieve success, it is necessary to strike a harmony between making a well-argued point and learning about requirements via active listening.


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