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Focusing on the large number of inquiries about the creation of abstracts, in this article we consider the writing of the abstract. Our recommendations are, in Essayassistant, universal and suitable for creating not only abstracts, but coursework and theses.

Consists of a classic abstract (as, however, and any scientific work) of the following structural elements: the title page, introduction, the main part, conclusion, list of references.

Introduction (you name the subject of research, disclose the relevance of the topic, the purpose and objectives of research, smoothly proceeding to a brief review of the sources used, explain what the topic is interesting in general for science and specifically what interested you) - no more than 1-3 pages.

The main part (must contain at least 2-3 sections with a logical and consistent lab report writer of material on the disclosure of the topic) - 15-20 pages.

Conclusion (summarizing the results of the study, in which you give a brief analysis-conclusions, whether the goal-objectives are achieved and determine the prospects for further more in-depth study of the topic) - 1-2 pages.

After writing the sections of the main content of the abstract form a list of references and, based on it, make references to sources in the main text, then proceed to writing the introduction and conclusion. It is logical that well oriented in the main content, you know what to do my statistics homework emphasize in the introduction and what conclusions to make in the conclusion.

Ready-made text, check for grammar, logic, consistency of presentation, references to sources. The title page, the plan-content, a list of references draws up on special samples; style of presentation - scientific. The usual volume of the abstract - 15-25 pages A4, designed unilaterally on separate sheets. Margins: right indent - 1 cm, top-bottom - 2 cm, left - 3 cm. Line spacing is standard for scientific papers - one-and-a-half. Between the title and the text - 3 empty lines, with 1-centimeter indentation type the main text.


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