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Many students of MBA are perceived as students who are far from the educational process. That is, they are treated as children of high-ranking personalities who pushed their offspring into a higher educational institution. Thus, these students are very far from the status of students and from educational activities in general. This is an established stereotype based on public opinion. Of course, we do not exclude that there were situations when parents tried to enroll their child in a prestigious university, but this is not always the case, as it seems to us. There are many examples when students came to study, as they say, with their own mind, while showing pretty good results.

We will try to figure out where the line is between self-study and teaching through connections, and also consider the concept of how to write a diploma yourself, and why it is more profitable than ordering a diploma from a company.

So, since the basis of our topic is precisely the difficulties in writing a graduation project for MBA, it is first worth dwelling on the specifics of education in the country's most prestigious university.

The specifics of education at MBA

Did you know that MBA is rightfully considered the most demanded university in the country. This is the only university that is included in the rankings of world education assessments. Diplomas at this university are issued in a specialized form with the coat of arms of the US. The rector of the university is elected personally by the President of the US. It is not surprising that the educational process is approached incredibly responsibly. I would like to note that the main emphasis at MBA is on the preparation of masters and specialists, as well as bachelors. It is believed that just getting a diploma from MBA is not enough. You must have a degree. But this is a personal matter for each student. The very status of the MSU diploma speaks volumes.

MSU is a terrible force. It seems that you study well at school, you finish with a gold medal and you pass the exam with the highest score. At the same time, both teachers and parents promise you a great future. But upon admission to MBA, you understand that at one moment all hopes can collapse, since the admission requirements are simply stunning. Only a few can handle them. You can read millions of student reviews about their admission, and each of them insists that it is not difficult to enter in principle, if only there was a head on their shoulders. But then where did such sad statistics of non-admitted students come from, whose dreams were shattered overnight. It turns out that students must fight for each place. Truly intelligent guys are being squeezed out by the “young Einsteins” and the children of the oligarchs. The same thing happens when you study. Only a few do not succumb to Chicago temptations,

If you conduct a survey of hundreds of students on the topic of whether it is difficult to study at MBA, 99% of them will say that it is really difficult. No matter how you slice it, it's true. Something may not suit each student at https://www.paytowritepaper.com/, and everyone may argue that it is difficult for him to study, but for some reason, most of them finish their studies before defending their diploma and wonder whether to write it on their own or order it.

We conducted a small analysis of the activities of students in their last year at MBA and came to the conclusion that despite their prestige and high academic performance, students still in most cases order diplomas from specialized firms. For 5-6 years, while they are studying, they are persistently explained that if they want to become high-profile specialists, then they should do everything on their own, including preparing for a diploma. But is it really that real?

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