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What is the best refrigerator to choose?

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Hi, I want to give my family a Christmas present. Thought about buying a refrigerator. But I don't know which one to buy.

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When I was buying my refrigerator, the store offered me the CANDY CCE4T620EW https://www.moyo.ua/ua/kholodilnik_s_nizhn_moroz_kameroy_candy_cce4t620ew_200kh66kh60sm_2_dv_kh-_258l_m-_119l_a_nf_zona_svezhesti_belyy/521183.html . So I decided to take it. I have not regretted this purchase at all. It is very roomy, has a great stylish design, cools perfectly, and at a reasonable price. The height is 2 meters, but for its size it is compact. On top of that it has a set of smart functions, thanks to which it will be easier to cope with daily household chores.

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I had never heard of this firm. But you convinced me to read more about it. Indeed it interested me a lot.


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