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WoW players

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Hi all. Are there any WoW gamers here? I'm afraid I don't have enough players to complete the challenge. We can team up.

What do you think about it?

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The peak of players occurs when new patches with content are released. But there are always people in WoW, and there won't be any problems to go somewhere. On the classics strongly recommend to take the pvp-server for full immersion. Always play is the class that you like more on gameplay, visuals, and so on. Differences in the effectiveness of classes, of course, there is. And in their performed role, too, but it's critical except for the classics or the very hardcore keys in Actual. Much more important is the enjoyment of the chosen role itself. At you can learn how to pump the characters you choose.

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I don't play that kind of game. And I can't stand online games in general. I like storylines. When you play alone and nothing bothers you. It's cool.


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