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Which European city has the first casino in the world?

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In 1638, the first casino ever was built in Venice. It was called Ridotto, and the Republic of Venice built it. It was meant to be a place where Venetians could gamble without breaking the rules set by the Serenissima government. Some of Europe's most famous and well-known composers, like Vivaldi, came to Ridotto. Vivaldi wrote his famous Autumn Concert there. The Casino of Venice was the first and best-known casino in the country. It was built in Atlantic City in 1976. It was the first one in the state. It looked like the Ridotto in Venice and had dice, roulette, and blackjack. A casino owner begged the government to legalize his business, saying that his competitors were running illegal casinos and that the state was not getting a cut of the money. The first legal casino opened in 1638, after the state gave in.

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