How your next career chapter is influenced by AI:

It is clearly evident that AI is becoming a go-to technology for industry transformation, moving up roles across the enterprise.

AI and machine learning are eating up workloads at IT help desks, in cybersecurity, and other IT tasks, stirring significant concern over the long-term impact AI will have on jobs — even in the IT industry.

Based on the recent research, it is proved that  IT is the most frequent user of IT. The day-to-day activities of enterprise technology professionals will evolve alongside AI and new skills may be required.

For the field of IT, AI technologies present significant opportunities. By becoming expert at deploying AI technology for maximum business value, and integrating it with other tools and services, new career paths will open up. But even at a rudimentary level, AI will free up IT pros for higher-value tasks by taking over repetitive work.

Any kind of repetitive task, even if it looks creative, if it’s pattern based, it could be something AI could do.

It was a specialty thing that only people with a lot of knowledge and scale and resources could do but hat’s not true anymore. AI is for everybody; you just need to know where to look.

Our LifeVitae connection with AI:

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