Talent vs Hard Work

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” This is the truth but you need to know how it really pans out in reality to believe this, Your own perspective is what matters.

In the context of the world’s younger population, this question needs to be pondered before anything else. Children especially in the age group 6-12 years know what they like and they spend time doing it. Yes , they are influenced by their environment but things start shaping up for them. This is the time to tell them about the great personalities of the world and how along with talent they worked hard and got where they wanted to be. The younger generation just graduating from school are at their most important moment of their life because their decision is going to shape their future of course but if there is no commitment to graft , then talent or just the decision isn’t going to pan out for much.

Does everybody discover talent early on? The answer is a clear no. But working hard for anything for that matter and deserving it can be taught and emboldened early on so that in the hardest of the days, your character will stand out . Passion, grit, and determination are by products of commitment to a task as simple as watering the plants. This applies to everyone young and old but especially the students just coming out of this protected shell of high school and structure. The world today isn’t a straight line at all. If you are an exceptional singer so are a million people around the world but how are you different is the question. Are you willing to commit to your talent and work hard? Talent will get you the entry ticket but at the first sight of a superior challenge, your character and commitment will take you home. There are some parts of the world still where grades are the most important factor in deciding a young mind’s future but of course, it isn’t.

Today, you choose where you want to go but with commitment and desire, any reality is possible. The world where you are free and at your absolute best. To conclude, talent if recognized early on with the right attitude leads to greatness, and if now hard work will remain your ally till the end even if you find your talent in between.

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