The Future Of Your Career Pathways Is Being Driven By Artificial Intelligence

An education is a great investment that provides lifelong returns to society. The combination of technology and educational systems can benefit learners in many ways, including the ability to track their progress through school and guide them toward specific career paths. Technology helps students plan and map out their careers, advance in those fields, and pursue higher education.

There is a clear shift towards the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace. With a growing number of companies using AI, and its adoption projected to accelerate over the next few years, this space will get increasingly crowded.

Study by Google UK

A study has shown that AI-driven career pathways could help students select the right careers and educational paths. The study aims to outline a specific set of actions, which will allow the government to create an AI-driven system that would have an impact on students’ future career choices and decisions.

The report “Artificial Intelligence in Education: How Britain can lead the way” has been released by Google UK and the Creative Industries Federation. The report discusses how AI can be used to improve education, including career guidance for students. The report also outlines a number of specific actions that can be taken by the government to create an AI-driven system that would have an impact on.

The report was commissioned by Google UK, in order to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in education. This is intended to address one of the most important problems – lack of suitable career pathways and mismatch between skills and job opportunities.

AI & Future of Work

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming how we think about the future of work. As a result, the world of work is changing rapidly. This is a challenge and an opportunity for businesses to support their employees with skills development, to ensure they have a good chance of making a successful career transition.

Automation is expected to triple the amount of skills needed in the labour market by 2030. Therefore, it’s critical that businesses work out what jobs will be around in the future, and how they can best support employees through their careers.

AI Driven Career Pathways

AI and machine learning has become a lot more advanced over the past few years. Today, it’s capable of complex analyses that were once only possible for humans. In today’s world, AI can be used to develop career pathways for people based on their skill set and education.

This kind of career planning is crucial as the nature of technology changes rapidly. The skills needed for a job in the present may not be needed in five years, when new technologies have brought about new job roles. However, if you’re able to develop the right AI driven career pathway, you can keep up to the track with changing landscape of work and future of education by continuously monitoring your skills and be up to date with the career pathways most suited for you as you evolve.

The future is coming fast! While there are some hurdles to overcome, the benefits of A.I driven learning pathways for school children are immense. By following our page you will get updates on projects we are working on as well as news from our partners that may be helpful to you in creating your own pathway for your kids and students.

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