Pranav Rana
#Technical Head, #Expertise AWS, #Complexity , #Excellent Problem Solving, #Extensive
31 years old
English, Hindi


  • 2019

    June, 2019

    Technical Head - Lifevitae Pte Ltd

  • 2018

    March, 2018

    Team Leader

  • 2016

    April, 2016

    Senior PHP Developer

  • 2011

    December, 2011

    Junior Web Developer

  • 2011

    September, 2011

    Started in a First job

  • 2011

    April, 2011

    Bachelor Of Engineering In Computer Engineering

  • 2007

    March, 2007

    H.S.C (Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board)


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Pranav Rana is dominant most in the Motive and Cognitive domains

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Top 10 LifeStrengths


Fresher Trained
Relationship / Interpersonal Achievement
January, 2018 to June, 2018
I have trained at a time 6 fresher college passed out student. Help them to complete their academic project
Valuing Relationships (Interactive)
Junior Web Developer
Technical / Academic Achievement
September, 2011 to January, 2012
Expertise in PHP in writing web application and back-end applications.
Thinking ahead (Cognitive)
Junior Web Developer - Pixml
Technical / Academic Achievement
January, 2012 to January, 2015
Low bug ratio hence saving development time reducing risk
Problem Solving (Cognitive)
Senior Web Developer
Creative / Entrepreneurial Achievement
March, 2015 to March, 2016
Ability to handle complexity and make a better and efficient way out of the problem
Critical Thinking (Creative)
Senior PHP Developer
Change / Transformation Achievement
April, 2016 to March, 2018
Ability to adopt new technology/framework/CMS.
Will Power (Adaptive)
Team Leader
Managerial / Leadership Achievement
April, 2018 to May, 2019
Team player and better able to handle team and maintain better balance among team members.
Confidence (Motive)
Technical Head - Lifevitae
Managerial / Leadership Achievement
June, 2019
Excellent problem-solving. Root cause analytics and problem solution based on impact and risk. Extensive development of jQuery, JavaScript.
Passion (Motive)


Sport and Physical Activities
was a part of the champion cricket team in School Level
Drive (Motive)
Sport and Physical Activities
Was a part of volleyball team for college C.K.PITHAWALLA in GOA 2009 which was held by BITS, Pilani.
Sense of Purpose (Motive)
Actively participated in various social events
Caring for Others
organized in the college like Blood donation camps, awareness on education by visiting locations in different rural areas in India
Self Awareness (Emotive)


  • When I recovered from a major setback?
    My father passed away in 2017
  • When I achieved something no one believed I could?
    I have completed my Bachelor Of Engineering In Computer Engineering with first class.

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