Charishma Varghese
#baker #doglover
25 years old
English, Hindi


  • 2019

    April, 2019

    Started my first job at LifeVitae

  • 2019

    March, 2019

    Went on my first solo trip!

  • 2019

    January, 2019

    Graduated from Singapore Management University

  • 2018

    January, 2018

    Interned at Autodesk for 6 months

  • 2016

    October, 2016

    Elected into the SMU ICON ExCo

  • 2014

    June, 2014

    Got a dog!

  • 2013

    December, 2013

    Graduated from Yishun Junior College

  • 2011

    December, 2011

    Graduated from Methodist Girls' School

  • 2011

    April, 2011

    Sustained a debilitating knee injury


Where Charishma Varghese lives
Where Charishma Varghese has been
Denmark, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, United Kingdom, United States of America

Charishma Varghese's LifePowers


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Charishma Varghese is dominant most in the Motive and Cognitive domains

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The Rotary Club Singapore East College Interact Club Scholarship
Community / Social Impact Achievement
June, 2012 to June, 2013
I was part of the Interact Club ExCo that planned & organised volunteer work with different groups of people like the elderly & the visually handicapped. Helped me develop leadership and interpersonal skills.
Compassion (Emotive)
Peer Helpers Associate Programme (SMU)
Community / Social Impact Achievement
August, 2016 to November, 2016
I underwent training to be equipped with the basic skills and tools to be a facilitator of thoughts to peers to promote emotional well-being and champion mental health.
Empathy (Emotive)
Internship at Autodesk
People / Team Achievement
January, 2018 to June, 2018
The most valuable experience I had through this internship was working with a manager who was based in San Francisco. I didn't report to anyone in the Singapore office, but worked with an entirely global team (JAPAC, US, EMEA).
Collaborating (Interactive)
SMU International Connections - Executive Committee
Change / Transformation Achievement
January, 2016 to January, 2018
Decided to run for ExCo as I loved the community & had a vision on how to improve their SMU journey. Our ExCo implemented several new protocols and launched at least 4 new major events/programmes.
Dealing with Adversity (Adaptive)
Marketing & Outreach at LifeVitae
Managerial / Leadership Achievement
April, 2019
The best part about working for a start-up is having the opportunity to don numerous hats. From social media, to business development, to pitch creations, to event planning, to training & onboarding interns.
Dependability (Motive)


Pursuit of Arts and Crafts
I find baking therapeutic, especially because of the precision that goes into it, yet being able to modify flavours with practice.
Curiosity (Creative)
Sport and Physical Activities
Lockdown (circuit-breaker) during COVID got me to rediscover my love for cycling. I mainly explore the Park Connectors (PCNs) around my house and am waiting for the completion of the Round Island Route.
Passion (Motive)
Solving Puzzles (Sudoku, Riddles, Jigsaw Puzzles)
Brain Power
Problem Solving (Cognitive)


  • When I challenged and changed my own beliefs?
    When I was Co-Chairperson for the Organising Committee for a freshman orientation camp, I was forced to realise that having a purely task-oriented attitude would not be effective. I was under the assumption that such an attitude would always be effective and get the job done. However, with about half my team members being more people-oriented, I had to change my own approach to connect better with them and ensure that we met our deadlines.
  • When I organized or managed a complicated event or program?
    In YJC, I got my first major leadership opportunity by being the chairperson of the annual event - Celebrating Values Day. It was a full day event that involved every single student and staff member. It was even more challenging as it was the 10th anniversary of the event and we had VIPs such as the then Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat invited and media involvement. I got to learn how to deal with operations mishaps by fire. The learning curve was certainly steep for this project.
  • When I recovered from a major setback?
    I injured my knee 2 weeks before I was supposed to fly to London. It was a suspected ligament tear and I had to be on total bedrest. My flight was on a Monday, and the Friday before, I was still unable to bear weight and walk. Finally got clearance for a physio session that Friday, and I managed to hobble around with bearable pain by the end of it. I persisted and pushed through with my physio at home as well and managed to go on my trip after all. A trip filled with just walking down the streets (and stairs) and using minimal public transport. It was more miraculous than anything else.
  • When I stepped outside my comfort zone?
    In SMU, I participated in the elections of the new Executive Committee for SMU ICON. Being an introverted person, it was extremely disconcerting to be part of such a public process.

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