Priya Sengupta
52 years old
Bengali, English, Hindi


  • 2018


    Startup dreams came to life- Platform E

  • 2016


    Joined IIM Exco organised flagship event

  • 2015


    Started volunteering with PA

  • 2012


    Joined IIT Exco- organised many events

  • 2009


    Left full time work to focus on my son

  • 2008



  • 2005


    Ngee Ann Polytechnic- Lecturer, B&E

  • 2003


    Dealt with major illness

  • 2003


    Knight Frank Pvt Ltd

  • 2002


    Gave birth to my son

  • 2000


    Moved to Singapore with Colliers Int’l

  • 1998


    Graduated from IIM

  • 1998



  • 1998


    Colliers Jardine India

  • 1997


    Lost my father

  • 1994


    Graduated from IIT

  • 1994


    First job with Tata’s


Where Priya Sengupta lives
Where Priya Sengupta has been
China, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island, United States of America

Priya Sengupta's LifePowers


Priya Sengupta's profile is in the 81th percentile of LifeVitae

Priya Sengupta has unlocked more than 22 LifeStrengths, allowing them more flexibility in showcasing their top selection to recruiters.

Priya Sengupta is dominant most in the Cognitive and Motive domains

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Top 10 LifeStrengths


Mental Ability Achievement
Graduated from IIT
Connecting the Dots (Cognitive)
Mental Ability Achievement
Graduated from IIM
Sense Making (Cognitive)
Personal Transformation Achievement
Member admissions board of IIMs
Will Power (Adaptive)
Physical / Endurance Achievement
Company Newspaper and Tv spokesperson
Sense of Purpose (Motive)
Knight Frank
Technical / Academic Achievement
First REIT valuation team in Singapore
Problem Solving (Cognitive)
Colliers International
Managerial / Leadership Achievement
Set up the Research function for the Colliers India team
Confidence (Motive)
Department of Building and Engineering
People / Team Achievement
Helped students achieve their stated goals of academic as well as personal development
Engagement (Interactive)
LifeVitae Pte Ltd
Creative / Entrepreneurial Achievement
Identified the need to portray an individual differently
Entrepreneurship (Creative)


Reiki healer
Social and Cultural Activities
Collaborating (Interactive)
Indian classical dance
Sport and Physical Activities
Passion (Motive)
Travel enthusiast
Sport and Physical Activities
Sense of Purpose (Motive)
Caring for Others
Compassion (Emotive)


  • When I brought a concept to life?
    As I taught in a polytechnic, I heard a lot of stories from my students who were ‘trapped’ in the curse of their bad O Level performance. I was motivated to start LifeVitae from those days, a tool that would give a peek into a person;s real strength of character apart from their academic or professional performance I learnt that everyone deserves a second chance, sometimes a third or a fourth, and who knows what a person’s true potential can achieve if they get a mentor who believes in them.
  • When I lost someone close to me?
    It was a tough thing to lose a parent at 26 when I was at business school. I learnt to become the man in the house. I realized that the finances in our home were in a disarray with little or no knowledge of what my Dad had invested in. I soon took over the entire investment portfolio and this started my journey of financial planning. This experience came in handy when I set up my own home and family. I’m one of the few women in my generation who learnt the hard way about financial independence for women and continue to have a primary role in all financial and investment decisions at home.
  • When I stepped outside my comfort zone?
    My father had a transferable job as I was growing up that resulted in my changing 6 schools in 12 years! By the time I was in school no.2, I realized the easiest way of cracking the code of making new friendships was by getting ahead of the pack- by leaps and bounds. I started working extra hard to remain ahead so that my classmates were forced to notice me. Setting up subject clinics, mastering the local language , and getting my house much needed points through my ability to dance kept me in the popular kids club throughout school. Changing 6 schools in twelve years has given me the kind of resilience that I can only lecture my son on! It's the best thing to have happened to me for my not having a safety of the comfort circle when I was growing up. These frequent changes in my social circle has given me the confidence to start afresh. Every time.

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