Christine Barker
I'm an #aspiringentrepreneur who loves challenges. I'm a #baker and a #travel enthusiast.
26 years old
English, German


  • 2020

    March, 2020

    Coding101 - Coursera

  • 2012

    January, 2012

    National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) - Gold

  • 2018

    May, 2018

    First internship with SunMoon Direct

  • 2019

    January, 2019

    6-month internship with Shopee

  • 2007

    January, 2007

    Moved to a new country

  • 2016

    August, 2016

    Began University life


Where Christine Barker lives
Where Christine Barker has been
Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Christine Barker's LifePowers


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Top 10 LifeStrengths


National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) - Gold
Physical / Endurance Achievement
January, 2012 to December, 2012
I engaged in voluntary service, learnt a new sport, discovered new skills, and learned about leadership through adventurous activity.
Drive (Motive)
Coding101 - Coursera
Mental Ability Achievement
March, 2020 to June, 2020
I took up a coding class in my free time just to be able to understand the fundamentals of coding and gauge my interest in that field.
Connecting the Dots (Cognitive)
SunMoon Direct
Technical / Academic Achievement
May, 2018 to July, 2018
Researched and created a marketing mix for the company's new product from scratch.
Problem Solving (Cognitive)
People / Team Achievement
January, 2019 to June, 2019
Developed content engagement strategies with & for global teams that improved engagement by 18% over 6 weeks.
Collaborating (Interactive)


Pursuit of Arts and Crafts
I find baking therapeutic, especially because of the precision that goes into it, yet able to modify flavours with practice.
Exploring (Creative)
Running Marathons
Sport and Physical Activities
I initially started running as a way to exercise and keep fit. It soon reached a point where I loved running, especially as a de-stressor. So I challenged myself to run marathons.
Passion (Motive)
Social and Cultural Activities
I enjoy exploring & discovering new places, cities, & countries to learn more about their traditions and cultures.
Social Flexibility (Interactive)


  • When I recovered from a major setback?
    When I moved to a new country at age 10, I had a very tough time making new friends as most already had their circle of friends. But I pushed myself and adapted according to the situation.
  • When I stepped outside my comfort zone?
    In University, I participated in the elections of the one of the major Executive Committees. Being an introverted person, it was extremely disconcerting to be part of such a public process.
  • When I challenged and changed my own beliefs?
    With about half my team members being more people-oriented, I had to change my own approach to connect better with them and ensure that we met our deadlines.
  • When I organized or managed a complicated event or program?
    In Junior College, I got my first major leadership opportunity by being the chairperson of the annual event. It was a full day event that involved every single student and staff member.

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