We are a platform for personal
expression based on the new field of
life curation.

We realised that every human being wants to be valued and appreciated for the full spectrum of who they are. Not just an “engineer with 3 years experience” or a “mother who took a 5 year break in her career”.

So we worked with designers, psychologists, technologists and humanists to create the world’s first platform for curating life – LifeVitae.

We created LifeVitae as a life-long companion for anyone who wants to express their individuality in a succinct yet meaningful way.

A platform to curate the most important aspects of your life - life skills, experiences, moments, stories and achievements that matter most - a 21st century alternative to a CV.

In the future, we believe that every significant human interaction at work – recruitment, on-boarding, team bonding, vendor/partner selection, and coaching – will be accompanied by an updated LifeVitae.

What we believe

Social platforms must aspire to curate more than selfies and food pictures

Who we are should matter more than what we know

Internet of humans (IoH) is more important than the internet of things (IoT)

Life experiences shape us more profoundly than classrooms